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What is it that you really want?

What if your desires are the very things that, if understood and given a voice,

led you to hope, heal, and thrive?


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We all have a very important story that makes us who we are today.

Along the way, we often get stuck and feel alone in our pain.
Relationships with self and others suffer and we fall prey to the negative emotions that overwhelm us.

I have been there — and it is a lonely place. We all need fresh perspective and safe connection to navigate those dim paths.



Who needs therapy?

Therapy is for anyone who longs for more.  It’s that simple. There is no weakness in asking for help.

In fact, it is one of the most courageous and loving things we can do for ourselves. I purpose to help others discover new perspective and personal breakthrough amidst the stuck places in life.

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What sets me apart?

For the past 6 years I have worked with men, women, and children of diverse backgrounds, ages twelve and older in the Nashville area. My practice offers a relational, creative, and unpretentious approach to therapy; a haven for hope and healing.

I believe it is possible and within reach to thrive amidst the chaos and stress of life. Part of this journey is understanding and embracing our unique identity and desires as well as recognizing patterns of thought and behavior that hold us back. I use an integrated approach to therapy that draws from several proven modalities, allowing me to fine tune treatment for each client’s specific needs. I am also a musician and writer and am very aware of the struggles involved in pursuing the creative journey. With this in mind, I thrive on helping creatives fully embrace their artistry.

When working with me, you can expect to look at yourself as a whole person: body, mind, and spirit. I believe we must maintain holistic harmony in order to be our best selves!

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I work with individuals, couples, and adolescents ages 12 and up. My Psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes for adults (18 +) and 45 minutes for adolescents.

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Songwriting Intensives

Songwriting Intensives last 1.5 hours. Customized day and half-day rates are available for larger groups.

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Skype Sessions

I also offer Skype sessions for those who would like to work together but are not located in the Nashville area.